“Nothing ever goes away unless it has taught us what we need to know.”




I was trained in EMDR and achieved certification in 1995. I utilize both Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Bilateral Stimulation -these modalities have become
my favorite methods for clients who want to achieve a deep level of healing and

EMDR originated as a treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and adult
and childhood trauma. Presently, EMDR has been found to be a successful and useful
modality for a variety of other issues, including life transition issues, grief and loss,
addictions, anxiety and social anxiety, cognitive distortions and low self esteem to name
just a few.


How EMDR Works!

The brain is a complicated information processing system with many unresolved memories
stored in a way that allows those disturbing memories to interfere with your life in
significant, life altering ways. EMDR, or BiLateral Stimulation of both hemispheres of
your brain appear to activate a natural healing mechanism that enables the client to
reprocess distressful, traumatic memories and experience relief and healing.
It is not uncommon for the EMDR client to report experiencing mind expansion and
spiritual experiences during and after the EMDR sessions.



The basic principal of resource tapping is based on the theory that Bilateral Stimulation
combined with positive cognitions and mindfulness will assist clients with the healing
process. Unpleasant memories can create limiting memory networks, causing an
imbalance in our healing system. Our natural healing mechanisms appear to be activated
by the bilateral stimulation. Tapping can be useful in treating anxiety, depression,
enhanced performance and cognitive distortions and is a useful tool in working with
physical and emotional healing and with balance restoration,